The Facets of Fiction Short Course in the Short Story

A day long Writers’ Workshop

by Mike Smith, aka Brindley Hallam Dennis

as part of Lanercost Festival, on Saturday 25th June 2016

at Dacre Hall, Brampton


The FofF Short Course in the  Short Story, takes several Facets of Fiction and explores them in three workshops. The first is the reading workshop in which a dismantled story is reassembled, requiring a discussion of just what a beginning, a middle, and an ending might look like, and what functions each fulfils.


Two subsequent workshops, based on writing exercises explore, firstly, the creation of stories by the locations in which they ‘take place’, and secondly how the voices we as authors create to tell our stories position the reader, the characters, and the narrator in relation to each other, creating the mood or ambience of the story, and of its telling.


In the fourth session of the day, workshop members will have an opportunity to read what they have been working on.

There will be short breaks between the first and second, and the third and fourth workshops, and a longer break between the second and third.



Workshops will begin at 10.00 am, and run until around 4.30pm ….

Places are limited and cost £25



FACETS OF FICTION – two hour workshops.

Run fortnightly for students working

on texts that they have prepared in advance.

I’m recruiting for a fresh series of 5

Facets of Fiction fortnightly workshops

to run  7.00pm-9.00pm

5 places available

Contact me for the dates of the next group







writing as BHD, Mike has published a novella and several short story collections including:

Ambiguous Encounters – short stories with Marilyn Messenger

Departures – 10 short stories

That’s What Ya Get! Kowalski’s Assertions

A Penny Spitfire

Talking To Owls

A further collection of stories is due out this year, plus a selection of his essays on the short story form. He has won many prizes and awards for his writing in fiction, poetry, and critical essays. He blogs at www.bhdandme.wordpress.com and can found reading both poetry and short stories on Vimeo at BHDandMe. Many of his stories have been performed by Liars League, in London, Leeds, New York and Hong Kong, and can be viewed on YouTube.

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