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Here’s a Date for your Diaries: September 29th, 2018…

As part of a weekend at Maryport’s Settlement celebrating the meeting between Cumberland Poet Norman Nicholson and Artist Percy Kelly there will be a poetry reading featuring Mike Smith and Nick Pemberton, plus open mic slots. Details to follow….


In the Meantime Darren Harper’s Phil & Lit is organising a six session Creative Writing  course, Reading As A Writer, led by Mike.

Booking through info@philandlit.org.

While not the opposite ends of a telescope there’s little doubt that writing can help you to become a better reader and reading, to be a better writer.

Mike Smith is running a six week course, starting on September 11th (7.00pm-9.00pm) at Darren Harper’s Carlisle Philosophical and Literary Society (Room 8, Fisher Street Galleries, Carlisle, UK), called Reading As A Writer. Using extracts from published texts, we’ll look at ‘close reading’ and what we mean by it, and examine how single words, sentences, paragraph breaks and chapters in longer works do their jobs, and what those jobs might be. We’ll also consider how the passage of time in fiction tries to re-create in words the experience of time passing in real life – and how different storytelling forms differ in their handling of time.

Course Fees:

£54 full

£43 over 60

£27 students/benefits

Booking via info@philandlit.org






 Brindley Hallam Dennis & Marilyn Messenger :

Check out their new collection of short stories, Ambiguous Encounters, on Amazon



We’ve also written a short-play, which is among three to be performed at the Theatre By The Lake in Keswick, (Cumbria, UK), on October 20th. Details to follow….eventually!