A useful response here – making much clearer what I was fumbling for!


I have done some thinking about a post by Mike Smith on the changes brought about by a digitalised accessing of books, film and music might have. You can read the piece, here: https://bhdandme.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/irrelevancies/. As usual, Mike’s writing is excellent.

It might surprise you that if you ask Alexa to play the first track from the first Popol Vuh album from 1970 it can. It might also surprise you to know that good live versions of tracks by jazz greats can be brought up in the time it takes you to open your mouth. It might surprise you brilliant Nina Simone songs can be pulled out of the ether in this way. However, if the track you are looking for has more than one version… the computer can’t find you the one you want. It doesn’t matter how many times I scream ‘NO, NO: the one with the longer Charlie Parker solo’ at…

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