Heh, heh, heh!

Heh, heh, heh!

Literature dealt me one of those stinging rebukes today that puts all aspirations into sharp perspective.

A story of BHD’s was short-listed in the HISSAC annual competition. The short list was, well, short, as I mentioned on this blog, but the sting was in the tail. BHD’s tale, Progress was the only one on the list to be neither prized nor commended!

There’s a strong streak of the Malvolio in me. I know it, and I resist it.  (though my yellow cross-garters are incomparable) It would be easy to withdraw off stage with a hissed ‘I’ll be avenged on you all!’….but I have stronger streak that appreciates comic irony, and this is both comical and ironic for I spent the day hoping that the story would receive some distinction…. which it surely did!

Of all the competitions I regularly have a pop at, HISSAC is the one I would most prize, for Scotland, more than anywhere else I think, has given me more encouragement and support than I might expect. Congratulations to those who were prized, and were commended!

And remember, as Kowalski says, thatswhatyagetYa see! That’s what ya get!