For the last few months BHDandMe have been part of a play writing group meeting at the Theatre Royal in Dumfries. Co-writer Marilyn Messenger and I have been working on a thirty minute two hander, Telling, and under the direction of Ken Gouge (who directed the Swallow Theatre production of BHDandMe’s play Smokes, a mime with words, back in 2008 [?]) there will be a script-in-hand reading by actors of the Theatre Royal Guild.

Plays by Tom Murray and Vivien Jones will also be featured.

The event will take place from 4.30-6.30pm on Saturday, 12th November, in the Studio at the Theatre Royal. About half an hour of each play will be read, and there will be an informal discussion/feedback session in the bar afterwards. Friends, blog readers & followers are all invited to come along to view, and to chat!