I don’t usually get excited about Longlists….some of them carry the names of all the submissions…

But when I saw that the HISSAC Short Story Competition Longlist had only fourteen stories in it, and that mine was one of them, I took a sincere interest – and dammit Janet, I did get excited!

Then I set off for a ten day drive across Europe and back…a friend of mine likes to drive, and I like to look out of car windows. It was a partnership made in [supply location of choice]. In fact we were heading for Trieste, where I could pretend to not have noticed the statue of James Joyce…but that’s another story. The fact is, I don’t have that fancy mobile technology that even the children seem to have these days, and that Longlist was going to turn into a shortlist on the day after my departure. So, several fingernail centimetres shorter, on my return, I was more than excited to find that my story is now in the Shortlist ….which is, in fact, only a few stories shorter than the longlist was….. So we are creeping towards the money (I’m a writer! What care I for fame? We are creeping towards the money!!!).

Here’s a link to the HISSAC shortlist page: read it and weep, or cheer me on, if you like…..

BHD in Vetters bar in Heidelberg a few years ago...he was there last week too!

BHD in Vetters bar in Heidelberg a few years ago…he was there last week too, but in a different jacket!