Facets of Fiction Writers Workshop member Hazel Stewart will be reading alongside Alison Barr in a lunchtime Poetry & Fiction session on Sunday 22nd May (11.00-13.00) at the Senhouse Museum in Maryport, with an open mic session included. All under the title ‘From The Margins   West ‘ Worth a visit, I’d say. There’s no admission charge, but donations for refreshments will be welcomed!


While we’re on the subject of poetry, which seems to have insinuated itself back into my life recently, and picking up from last week’s blog, I got to thinking about the nature of objectivity and subjectivity. One of the differences I’ve found, between the poetry of Ted Hughes and Robert Frost, is that whereas with Frost’s work, I go back to it again and again, because the poems I’ve read pop into my mind from time to time, I’ve only ever turned to Hughes because somebody has suggested I read a particular poem. There’s more to it: when I’ve read one poem by Frost, I almost always go on to read another. Whenever I’ve read a Hughes poem, I’ve closed the book afterwards. There must be something, objectively, about the two poets that makes for such a difference, but I suspect it isn’t the main reason. It’s the subjectivity of my own experience that makes me receptive to the one, and not so to the other.

The same way some faces want to make us see them again, and to make them smile, whilst others do not.

Word on the block is that there are readings by ‘The Shift Collection’ at Dumfries’ Stove venue, on the 18th and 19th of the month, followed by an open mic session on the 20th. That should be worth a look in too, if you’re within striking distance.

The last Wednesday of the month sees another SPEAKEASY at Carlisle’s Foxes Cafe – SO there you go! Me, in the meantime, watched with amusement by BHD no doubt, will be trying to extract, in good condition, the first few poems of the last few years from notebook 88, where they have miraculously appeared. I should be so lucky.

There’s also due out this week issue #4 of Cumbria’s own The Carrot, which includes BHD’s short story ‘Last Night’s Story’


Check out Me’s recent collection of poems written above Ullswater: here