A parcel the size of a house brick arrived in the mail this morning (though not through the letterbox). It was the Phaeton edition of Stacy Aumonier’s short stories, or at least 29 of them. Extremely Entertaining Short Stories, it says in the introduction, was ‘a labour of love,’ and I’ll drink to that! You can find it on Amazon, if you want to give the love back, by the way, and it cost me £10.99, or less than 40p per story!

Aumonier, was a born in the year before Coppard, and began publishing his short stories after the end of World War One, and for the next decade. He died in 1928. Coppard, Pritchett and H.E.Bates all started publishing in this period, and all were successful by the end of it, yet Aumonier, even more so than Coppard, sank without trace after his death. It’s good to see that Philip Hensher has given him a revival. This compilation from several collections was first published in 2008, but my bet is that the publication of the two volume Penguin Book of the British Short Story late last year will have given its sales a boost!

I put up on the blog last week a brief mention of The Great Impressionable – in Phaeton’s collection, and in Hensher. Now, I’ll race you through the rest….and keep your eyes open here – and perhaps on Thresholds with a bit of luck – for some more about this writer and his stories.