Fellow Facets of Fiction Fictioneer, Marilyn Messenger and I took a trip to Wigtown on Saturday, to read at Wag Tongues pop-up Bookshop, as (an unofficial) part of the Wigtown Book Festival.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Apparently the organisers of the festival don’t like to encourage local writers, and so the Pop-Up was not included in the festival programme. Celebrity writers are, of course, as I seem to need to remind people repeatedly, the white sliced bread and baked beans of the writing world. It is ‘local’ writers who are the artisan bakers and pastry makers! Wag Tongues tell me they have around 60 such artisans on their books at present, whose books they were selling at Wigtown.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn addition to an early flowering, Marilyn is at the stage of getting her recent crop of short stories into print. She has been performed by Liars League in New York City, and you can find her story online at their site.  A surprise awaited us in Wigtown though, for her story The Feathered Army appears in the freshly baked Southlight 16, which was on sale at the Pop-Up! Southlight 15 carried 3 poems by Me, and the short story Lena, by BHD was in issue 13!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother recent publication from Dumfries and Galloway is Annan From Above, creative responses to aerial photographs – a summer project 2014. A cross-border community initiative, supported by English Heritage and RCAHMS the project was guided, and the book edited by Vivien Jones (Perfect 10,White Poppies, both published by Pewter Rose Press). BHDandMe were both lucky enough to get pieces accepted in the anthology with a fictional and a creative non-fiction piece respectively.

BHD’s reading at Wigtown with Marilyn was a duet, of the duo of stories Perhaps Tomorrow and Perhaps Today, the latter written by Marilyn in answer to BHD’s previously written one. We’ll be bringing the same pair to Caldbeck Festival in our back to back reading from 1.30pm onwards at the Oddfellows pub, Caldbeck, on Saturday 4th of October. There will also be individual ‘sets’ from both of us, and a couple of drop in writers workshops too…oh, yes! And there will be a pop-up bookshop too! The festival runs from Thursday 2nd through to Sunday 5th at various venues in the village, with Open Mic word and music sessions every evening.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA