WRITING DAYS – run on Saturdays from 10 – 4.00.

Focussing on specific elements of writing technique.

Students have time to write during the workshop.

Drinks and light lunch provided.


Please contact Mike Smith 

for course dates and further information


Held throughout the year in Curthwaite near Wigton at a cosy Cumbrian cottage. The courses are held in the 200 year old restored ‘Stock Room’.

October 12th 2013

Narrative Voice – Workshopping the who-tells-what-about-whom-and-to- whom of stories! Where does the narrator sit (or stand, or hover) in relation to the reader (and the characters)? What tone of voice does he (or she, or it) use?

November 2nd 2013

Dialogue – Exploring to make your characters ‘seem’ to talk to each other (when we all know that really they are passing vital information to the reader)

December 7th 2013

Using Research – Exercises in using what you know (and what you don’t know) to provide credibility (and authenticity?) to your stories.





Would you like to come and join

a small group of people who enjoy meeting

to discuss their work?

Taught by writer and poet Mike Smith.


FACETS OF FICTION – two hour workshops.

Run fortnightly for students working

on texts that they have prepared in advance.

I’m recruiting for a fresh series of 5

Facets of Fiction fortnightly workshops

to run Thursdays 1.30pm-3.30pm

5 places available


for costs and further information