OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI discovered this week (and rather late, since the info was posted a couple of weeks ago) that BHD’s story ‘Talked Out’ was long-listed by Inktears. This is an online short story-fest, which has attracted some big names (as well as some long ones). Fingers crossed then for the short list, due out soon!


As you might have expected, several bloggers (or their computers) ‘liked’ the last post; or perhaps I should say, to avoid confusions, my last post. One of them liked it so fast that I’d only just finished uploading it. Harold Bloom, apparently – and I don’t doubt the man – could read something like 400 pages in an hour, but even he couldn’t have read that blog post as fast that blogger did! We lesser mortals have to struggle through. I heard statistic quoted today on Radio 4, that 72 hours of video footage is uploaded to the internet every minute. Somewhat longer than 72 hours ago, I uploaded several minutes of video: the story ‘Common Assumptions’ is one of the stories set aside for inclusion in BHD’s projected short story collection from Sentinel (Not A Matter of Choice). It’s sitting on my Vimeo channel, BHDandMe. Why doancha go have a look at it? There’s a link on the left hand panel.


LitCaff in Carlisle is threatening to perform/read Mike’s short play, Smokes, at the March event (March 20th, Merienda, Treasury Court, Carlisle etc). This was entered into the Sydney Shorts competition several years ago, and got a run for a week. The play, which lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on how exuberantly you ham it up, is subtitled ‘a mime with words’, which might give you a clue that it’s not a piece of cinema verite. One reviewer, not liking the piece in Oz, commented that the actors had done well to make such an unrealistic script believable, which is what I thought actors were supposed to do! And which was, in fact, in part what the play was about. Also, we’re expecting another visit from Pewter Rose Press author Vivien Jones, with a funereal tale…….


There’s more excitement to follow in April too, when we have the American writer Kurt Tidmore reading for us at LitCaff on April 17th. Kurt lives in Cork – the place, not the commodity – and writes a mean short story. His work has been performed by Liars League in London and New York City. In fact it was Kurt who first got me hooked on writing for the Liars League events, something I’ve been doing ever since. He’s a collector of sounds – rumour has it he once perswaded (there’s that spelling again), a party of nuns, so I’m told, to sing for his microphone on a train, somewhere in Germany. Did you read that and not think of Julie Andrews? I’ve got a couple of Kurt’s stories on disc, and know we’re in for a good night. It was Kurt who alerted me, during the writing of A Penny Spitfire, to the fact that I thought the book was about the wrong person, which put me on the right track to turn what had begun as a 6,000 word short story into a 48,000 word novel. You might like to thank him for that!


Here’s some early notice too of three Facets of Fiction writers’ days, in June (22nd), July (27th), and August (10th). Places on these will be quite limited (£50 per day). There will also be, in September I hope, a day course on e-publishing… details of these to follow, but if you’d like to reserve a place do let BHDandMe know.  TalkingtoOwls