Among the authors I invited to join The Next Big Thing was Frances Thimann, a fellow Pewter Rose Press author. Her first collection of stories with Pewter Rose was Cello, bt her most recent is November Wedding, and that’s one she writes about here. Frances has no blog of her own, so I am happy to make space for her on BHDandMe’s Blog!

Over to you Frances…..

1.Title of new book? My latest book is called ‘November Wedding’

2. Where did idea come from? The stories came mostly from personal or family experiences; events and people heard of or observed. In some cases, one story led to another, the later one written to explore a different angle, or to develop a character who was obscure in the earlier one.

3. Genre? Literary short stories

4. (Self) published? My book was published by a local publisher, Pewter Rose Press.

5. How long to write first draft? That is hard to answer. It can take me from a few weeks to a few years to complete a story more-or-less satisfactorily. And the stories in this book were written at different times, the whole collection being put together later, after a considerable amount of revision.

6. Other books in the genre? The many short story writers I admire include Jon McGregor, Elizabeth Taylor, Helen Simpson, and most of the other Pewter Rose Press writers. There are many fine American authors also; but I would not compare my work to any of these

7. What inspired you? I had written a previous collection ‘Cello and other stories’ and found that I still had ideas that I wanted to explore in story form, even after completing the first book.

8. What else might pique interest?The stories are mostly concerned with family relationships, relations between generations, and general ideas about love and loss – ideas that almost everyone can relate to. 

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