The title is taken from Stephen King, writing about writing. I’m running a Facets of Fiction dayworkshop here in north Cumbria, on Saturday December 1st, on the subject of self-editing and there are few places left. Hopefully you’ll come away with some ideas and strategies for deciding which of your darlings are due for the ritual slaughter (and some on what you might replace them with!). Go to Our Writing Workshops page for the details.

While we’re writing about writing we might as well direct you  here, to an essay of MS’s Naming Names. It’s a subject we’ve touched on at BHDandMe’s Blog before, but this essay looks in particular at the use of names in the tales of A.E.Coppard.

I’ve spent the last twelve months or so trying to pick the pockets of Nnorom Azuonye, Managing Editor of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly! This print and online journal runs quarterly short story competitions. I’ve lifted a couple of third prizes (£50), and had a near miss (Highly Commended). He also runs poetry competitions alongside, and annual competitions in both genres.
    That’s not all though. The journal itself, in addition to carrying winning and commended pieces has a great selection of stories, poems and articles of interest to writers, by writers from around the world. There’s a great back catalogue too, of well produced anthologies, collections, and journals.
    SLQ links the UK & Nigeria, but throws its windows open to the world, tossing in to a melting pot that Nnorom stirs with gusto, writers from many different countries, and cultures. It’s well worth supporting, by subscription, or competition entry.
(it would be helpful if you didn’t send stories as good as mine, btw)
We ran the monthly LitCaff at Merienda in Carlisle last night, and an impromptu straw poll cum vocal show of support found that LitCaff writers are still in favour of that endangered specie, the whom. Whoms, unlike ‘Who’s don’t wreck hotel rooms or destroy guitars, but hang aroundthe fringes of dodgy grammatical constructions in blogs like mine. Just thought you’d like to know that, if you’re one of the people to whom that sort of thing matters!