Nnorom Azuoyne, editor of Sentinel Literary Quarterly, recently took me to task over my Highly Commended story The Mackwater Seam, and other issues.

Firstly, I’d omitted to put a link to the SLQ on the blog. There’s a link there today.

Secondly I’d omitted to tell people about my story, The Mackwater Seam getting a highly commended in the SLQ competition. OK. Well, here it is: My story The Mackwater Seam got a Highly Commended in the SLQ October-December 2011 competition. On account of this the story appears in the recently published Sentinel Champions 8. Which brings us to the thirdly:

Nnorom thinks I should buy some extra copies and give them to my friends


Friends, I would never (ever) do such a thing. Funny, when the chips are down, how you’d rather be thought mean than needy! (I would encourage you to buy your own copies though, via the aforementioned link!)

You might look out for the Earlyworks Press anthology of Science Fiction pieces too, due out soon. My story, The Cover Story, got the second prize in their competition (the first sci-fi tale I’d attempted). Last time I was in an Earlyworks Press I was a mere (I do mere rather well I think) filler, alongside Christine Howe, one of the writers that attends my Facets of Fiction workshops here in Cumbria. There’s an EP link for you to follow too!

all for now….