Bhdandme have added a couple of new pages: The Martin Poems, has the story so far, that is, the sequence of Martin? Extinct? I’ve thought this sequence was finished several times, but another one has always popped up!

Also, I’ve gathered up all the At A sitting/Readings for Writers essay, added a 13th (provisional conclusion), and a bibliography, and given it a page of its own.

There’s news on the NEWS page too, and I’ll be adding a couple more novel to film adaptation essays as posts to this Home page in the near future.

A Peny Spitfire  is now available as an E Book, in epub format and for Kindle, so I’ve bought myself an e-reader! Another gismo that I’ll have trouble mastering no doubt. The great thing about e-books is I get a higher royalty when you buy them, even though they are cheaper for you. And I’ve added an extra chapter, plus a couple of essays, and a sort of ‘outtakes’ section, just like they do with the movies on dvd. Ain’t that cute? (as Kowalski might say). So, there’s no excuse if you’ve been havering. Make my day! (go to, or click on the link off to the left.)