There’s some restructuring going on this month, cut backs even. Several page vanish, ‘hooplah!’ at least for the time being, but another page pops up. I’ve given BHD’s novella, A Penny Spitfire, a page of its own in view of its imminent appearance. Kowalski keeps his page, but BHD & Me take a back seat for a while. The series of essays on film adaptation comes to a provisional conclusion, so I’ve re-ordered the contents, added a conclusion, and made it into a separate page.

The short story and workshop pages are being rested!

So what’s new? Well, since having a reminder of my own mortality in the early hours a few weeks ago, I’ve been writing like fury, and have a dozen or so short stories to show for it. They’ll do the rounds, and if no-one lets them in, well who knows, I might just put them up here. In the meantime I’ll keep adding to them so long as the ideas are flowing.