A last post to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

And here’s me smoking a last Nicaraguan on a frosty December day. The hat I bought at Ba Da Ling (not sure of spelling there!), which is on the Great Wall of China, and dates from the days when the last massacre in Beijing city centre had been in the nineteen twenties! The fur, I suspect, is Chinese rabbit. It is an immensely warm hat, but when the ear flaps are down you can’t hear a thing. When I visited China, in January ’86, the ear flaps were all down, unless they were frozen, sticking out at a rigid, immobile ninety degrees to the heads of those who wore them. In those days, Tianamen Square (which I probably haven’t spelled correctly either), was full of bicycles, many of which had white goods strapped onto the back, and the people were very friendly. To frighten monkeys, as was alledgedly said, kill a chicken!

I’ve added another novel-to-film adaptation study to My Page, this timeĀ  based on the Joanne Harris story Chocolat.

There are still places on the facets of fiction short story workshops beginning in January. Drop me an e-mail if you want to join.

Next year Kowalski’s That’s What Ya Get! gets joined by the novella (or is it a novel?) A Penny Spitfire, about which more in January!