There are two new series of Facets of fiction Workshops kicking off in Januay. One for long fiction and the other for short!

There is another novel to film adaptation considered on My Page (Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day). Here the story remains largely unchanged, but the audience for it does not, and so issues of hindsight, and of what may be taken for granted as known, are raised, along with some changed ideas about what men and women are like, and likely to want.

The Story of the Month for December is Kowalski Afloat, which can be seen and heard in performance on YouTube (follow the links from Kowalski’s Page). It is one of the 40+ stories in That’s What Ya Get! Kowalski’s Assertions, published by Unbound Press. You can buy it direct from them for £7.65 plus postage, and there are links on the blogrolls, and on Kowalski’s Page.

Lazy Bee Scripts are the publishers of Mike’s play, Smokes, a mime with words, soon to be joined on their site by The Last Thing on His Mind, another short two hander, in which two old men recall their past sex lives! You can purchase these via Lazy Bee Scripts on the links at the left.

The third Maryport Literary Festival : Venus at the Gate, took place over the weekend of 26/28th November, and kicked off on the Friday evening with readings from Hugh Thompson, Mary Robinson, Geraldine Green, Grevel Lindop, Angela Lock, and special guest Kathleen Jones. Kathleen also awarded prizes for the poetry competition, which was won by Ray Moye. There followed an open mic session at which around a dozen local poets performed. This event is now well established and beginning to develop its own identity, and I hear that the organisers already have plans for next years event in hand!