BHD’s taking Kowalski to Cockermouth (to Cockermouth, to Cockermouth). Friday 5th of November, at the Kirkgate Centre, 8.00pm, £6/£4 for Open Mic performers. BHDandMe will both be there, with a set of poems in the first half, and a set of monologues in the second.

BHD’s going down to Lancaster too, on Friday 19th, at The Spotlight Club, in the Storey, (near the station!). and I’m hosting the first session of the Maryport LitFest on the evening of Friday 26th, at the Senhouse Roman Museum.

You can buy copies of Kowalski’s Assertions, That’s What Ya Get! in digital form (from Unbound Press), and what is more, though it’ll cost you considerably less, I get a higher royalty! So get your digitals out!

There’s a new novel to film essay on My Page, a new Story of the Month, and some news on A Penny Spitfire, on BHD’s page.  When you’ve thoroughly exhausted all the pages, posts and tittle-tattles on here, check out the link to Thresholds, The Postgraduate Short Story Forum, and to my blogs on it: Joined up Writing & Packages.