All sorts of new goodies on the blog today…photos of the grand 60th celebration at Morrell’s in Keswick included. Also a BRAND NEW Kowalski story…but this time by MILDRED, that’s his old lady! Some thoughts on one of my favourite novel to film adaptations, The Shooting Party, an update on various readings and workshops, and in a couple of days, I hope to put up another Story of the Month! The water in the background of the photo, bytheway, is Loch Eilt on the Road to the Isles.

Two publications dropped through my letterbox recently (well, they didn’t actually drop but that’s cliches for you). The first was In Our Own Write, published by “Carlisle Writer’s” (slippery little buggers, as I think Julia Roberts said, in role once, but she wasn’t talking about punctuation). The second was Acumen 68. Packed with poems, letters, comments, and in this issue a feature on work in translation. I always feel guilty when I receive Acumen…at not producing poems likely to get into it at the moment!