Just heard today that MS has been awarded a prize in the Muriel Carmichael prose writing competition at Glasgow University’s Dumfries campus. That’s for an essay on aspects of the Anton Chekhov story Rothschild’s Fiddle. The essay is now on My Page. If you would like to read more of his writing on short fiction check out the link to At A Sitting.

BHD’s alter-ego, Kowalski, is getting closer to publication, and there is one of Alex Halfpenny‘s illustrations on each of their pages, along with some links to Kowalski in action, and to the publisher’s website.

A few places are still open on the writing weekend at Allonby. Go to the Workshops page for details.

BHD & Me are leaving Kurt Tidmore‘s story The Coalman up for another month, ’cause there ain’t enough of you read it yet!